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Who is daniela? oUR fOUNDER

Daniela was raised in between South Africa, and South America, (Chile). Her ability to adapt and communicate on all levels, with her unique understanding of business across all borders highlights her remarkable talent in business development and working with people from all walks of life.

She speaks 3 languages; English, Spanish and Portuguese with an understanding of Italian and Afrikaans. Daniela possesses 25 years of strategic marketing and business development experience. She is a certified Google digital marketer and a highly experienced digital skills industry trainer recognized for the high quality of her expertise in so far as winning and being nominated for several key industry awards representing South Africa.

Her spirit conveys pure passion and authentic enthusiasm to add dynamic value in anything she wholeheartedly commits herself to.  She has a solid track record of successful local and international brand growth projects in the following countries; South Africa, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Portugal, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Botswana, and Zambia.

When Daniela is not at her office in Fourways or facilitating training at clients and seminars, she is regularly involved in other public media activities as a collaborator, representative spokesperson or keynote speaker. She is dedicated to being authentic and making things happen in a good way.

She is a humanitarian and believes that most people deserve a fair chance and quality of life. Daniela is a self-developed woman led by a strong personal value system which finds her collaborating in several and different community empowering programmes. Known for “speaking her truth” in upholding her values.

Referred to as “the first lady in digital”on Chai FM for her well-known red personality and longstanding service excellence within the digital marketing industry. Also referred to as “the rose amongst the thorns” by Classic FM, also known as the “fireball” recently labeled by David Watts on Mix FM.

A true music lover of most genres and profound appreciation for all things genuine and creative. She leads with heart and loves the work grind.

Daniela Bascelli International is a consortium agency founded by Daniela Bascelli. Working with select support partners to bring any client brief or project to successful fruition that is delivered with a high return of investment and high quality end product.

Welcome to Daniela Bascelli International.

“Passionate about all things digital for better business and excellent results”

– Daniela Bascelli

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