BASIC CASE STUDY: Award Winning Strategic Marketing

Summary: Campaign Description

Creation and implementation of a digital marketing strategy for the investments and promotions agency of Botswana (BITC) based in Gaborone and in South Africa. A global marketing campaign that was part of a target achieved in the billions.

Reason for the Initialization

To be strategically launched on digital media whilst training all parastatal staff in the application of SM Marketing, cyber law and reputation management of the organisation and the country of Botswana.
To attract more investment opportunities into Botswana from around the world more specifically South Africa.
Creation of digital sub-strategy for the 2014 Global Expo event marketing campaign which reached 6 continents.

Campaign Objectives

  • To create a local and international digital marketing strategy focusing mainly on South African business opportunities.
    Create the clients social identity in graphic design on social media for use of marketing.
    Attract Investors and encourage exports into South Africa from Botswana.
    Build the brand and awareness of their various services including assisting SME’s in beginning their business investments in Botswana or export investments into South Africa.
    Nation Building.
    9th Annual Global Expo – Global business main annual conference. Attract global interest for attendance bookings and exhibition stands.
    Give ideas and direction for online strategic decisions and tools to use.
    All offline and online marketing to work in synergy to increase revenue.

Campaign Target Markets

  • South African Companies.
    South African Individuals.
    Botswana Export Companies.
    The Nation of Botswana.
    The Nation of South Africa.
    Countries in all 6 Continents around the globe.

Strategic Considerations

  • Bandwidth and telecom challenges in Botswana.
    Public relations at the time of the campaign.
    Education and training on social media marketing and best practices.

Results Achieved

Investment attraction and domestic investment growth during the period under review resulted in massive increases. The campaign target of ROI at P1.160bn was set and a staggering P3.2bn was achieved. We almost doubled that target which clearly identified that strategic digital marketing works.

This was a significant growth point of 68% compared to the organisations previous years’ total capital investment of P1.9bn. The project time-frame was delivered in 16 Months – (1 Year and 4 Months) and was led in role summary by Senior Digital Marketing Strategist Daniela Bascelli, and by Senior Strategic Analyst Phoenix Sheldon-Baker.

Other Information

Our main focus was to bring the Country of Botswana safely into the digital eco-system without any damage to its reputation. Highlighting the business landscape of salient opportunities which resulted in increased  foreign direct investment from most countries and which results in increased exports out of Botswana to other countries.

The organisation BITC and its country brand “Go Botswana” were strategically positioned to create awareness and information sharing about doing business in Botswana and the magnificence of the country as a whole was highlighted and digitally distributed to all 6 continents in the world through strategic courses of action  and strong dedication. This project roll-out was done in phases as project milestones were achieved, while parts of the strategy were drafted, implemented and fully executed, globally.

View the Botswana Investment and Trade Centre website for more information about doing business in  Botswana.

what an amazing experience. thank you bitc

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