5 Great SAAS Tools for Small Businesses

Cloud Based services for Small Business Owners

I’ve made it my mission in the last couple of months to try and test online solutions that support business functions such as invoicing, project management and so forth. These make a big difference which are excellent for entrepreneurs to use, and that are user friendly, and of course affordable.

1. www.freshbooks.com For Invoicing and Accounting

FreshBooks is my personal favourite cloud based accounting system that is very simple and easy to use. Its digital versatility is refreshing and makes tasks like “customer accounting” fairly easy to manage, monitor and of course bill. You’re able to test a free online version and if you’re happy with the program you can buy a month to month basis of the full version which is customised to your requirements as the program allows within its infrastructure. You can also download the mobile version and also do invoicing on the go which is an extremely powerful function to have.

2. www.trello.com For Project Management

Trello is an amazing cloud based project management system. I absolutely love it and don’t know how I ever managed without it. It allows you to create “project boards” and to create lists under each project flow. It’s simple and gives you the big picture at a glance instead of paging through a paper notebook of to do lists. You can also add other members to your project boards so whomever is involved in the project they can always enter with your admin permission, view and comment. Trello is currently of the most affordable PM systems and an extra plus is that the more people you introduce to Trello the more you are allocated free months of its usage.

3. www.canva.com For Graphic Design

Canva is an exceptional tool for the entrepreneur who needs to be “hands on” and cannot always afford the services of paid graphic design. It offers you templates for social media posts, banners and more where you’re able to upload your business logo and customise a look and feel for your next social media marketing campaign. With its user friendly and drag and drop features, please just remember that you should always change your templates by at least 60% to make them your own and not to end up creating visuals that are the same as another’s brand. You can execute your visual ideas incredibly well with Canva.

4. www.google.com/drive/ For File Sharing & Storage

Google Drive is the way to go for your small business. it integrates seamlessly with the file sharing & collaboration tools inside Google Docs and it’s fantastic when working in collaboration with others using the same files. It’s really useful and takes the pain of having your own dedicated server away whilst knowing your work is safely backed up. So, back-up any external hard drives you use and get that data up onto Google Drive, even if as just a temporary storage solution for the meantime.

5. www.grammarly.com For mistake-free online messaging

There is no doubt about it that Grammarly is THE BOSS for online writing. It polishes your communications and gives you real time suggestions for better writing, so you’ve always got a virtual quality spell and grammar checker. It’s an outstanding browser plugin that integrates well with blogging, Facebook posts and so forth. Try it.

Keep an eye out for more SAAS tools I’ll be putting to the test and recommending so your business can benefit from efficient cloud-based systems.

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