Bonnie Hirner
Fusion Recruitment
New Business Development Manager

“Daniela thank you for your training. The Fusion Team thoroughly enjoyed it. We loved the humour you brought into your training as well as your professional manner with which you conduct your training. We will absolutely highly recommend you.”

Sharin Richmond
Director and Owner

“The training skills experienced first hand, are thorough and easy to understand with great personal successes as a result of this. Her social media skills have been highlighted in so many communications over the years, she is definitely the “go to person” in this niche. Approachable and great to work with I can without question recommend Daniela.”

Zelda van Rensburg
Quyn Recruitment
Director and Co-Owner

It is always a pleasure doing business with Daniela. “Professional, beautifully executed, on target” – these are just some of the words that come to mind when reviewing the end product. Mostly, Daniela is loved for her special talent of leaving people feeling elevated and enriched with new ideas and enthusiasm

Shirley Behenna
HR Manager

Daniela was instrumental in assisting me with a presentation I had to give to school children on the dangers of social networking and how to protect themselves online. The social value in the content she provided in her blog had a positive impact in that 3 weeks later, the children had to draw a poster and recall the presentation from memory – they remembered everything!

Natalie Singer
APSO - African Professional Staffing Organisation
Director: Corporate Affairs

“I have had the pleasure of working with Daniela and the results have been outstanding! What’s more, Daniela is a dream to work with – delivers on her promises, gives far more than she should (in terms of actual contractual obligations) and is a great person to boot.”

Tanya Enslin
TiAuto Investments
Executive Assistant

“She made a huge difference to the dynamics of the company and always contributed more than what was expected of her. I would definitely enjoy the opportunity of working alongside Daniela again, and recommend her as an asset to any other company.”

Monique De Ascensao
Kapele Group (an AdvTech company)
Social Media Strategist

“Daniela provided the Kapele Group with extensive social media knowledge and awareness. She has assisted in building my foundation as their current Social Media Strategist and offers an unlimited amount of knowledge and understanding about the digital world.”

Gerhard Buitendag
Oracle apps, Millenium, Custom Development Smartstream

“I know Daniela to be a diligent and dedicated professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience. A lady with courage and extreme professionalism. An exceptional leader and Manager that sets the trend.”

Vovo Ngcwabe
Africa Location Services
Director and Owner

“Daniela Bascelli’s understanding of small and women owned business landscape is exceptional.”

Athol Williams
Taurus Consulting
Owner & Philanthropist

“I have worked with Daniela for many years and from the onset her contagious personality and compassion to help others encouraged a business arrangement. Her skill in digital marketing has by far been the most valuable to me. If you want committed professionals, go to Daniela Bascelli.”

Sharlene Klein
Director. Recruitment, HR Services & Tax Consulting

“Daniela took me through it and has done far more than I can even put into words. Thank you for your professionalism and for your teams hard work and patience. I would highly recommend using Daniela and team for your business. Pure excellence.”

Michael Jackson
Change Agent and Global Professional Speaker

“Having been introduced via a mutual business friend, Daniela impressed from the get-go. Her skill sets in the digital space are incredible in terms of being unique, up to the minute and right on the money. I learned more from her in 6 hours than I had learned about LinkedIn in 6 years and was able to generate a significantly better positioning on the platform than ever before.  Daniela is an absolute guru.”

Steve Scordillis
Bain & Company

“Daniela did a great job of transforming a start-up office where very little procedure had been in place. Daniela’s achievements in setting up these procedures showed character strength to get the job done and a systems orientated approach to challenges raised through day-to-day business.”

Bruce Mubayiwa
Business Coach and Mentor | Chartered Certified Accountant

Daniela Bascelli International will do anything for their clients and their work is of the highest quality. They provide a template for success and excellence in the ever changing and intriguing world of digital marketing. That is a team of winners and achievers!

Hope Situma
Inkokheli HR Career Specialists (an AdvTech company)
Branch Manager

“I have known Daniela for over 5 years and she is a passionate, driven and highly professional individual. She has extensive expertise. She has assisted in bulding our strong online presence. Her knowledge coupled with her ability to help organisations strategically maximise their networks sets her apart as one of the most forward thinking specialists in her field.”

Adam Taylor
nexTLeaders Recruitment Partners (a Mindcor company)
Recruitment Consultant

“Daniela is the thought leader in social media strategy. She has a phenomenal respect for our brand and is able to communicate on our behalf in all nuances. She drives processes – providing feedback consistently. She is a stickler for quality and pays close attention to detail.”

Mishka Phillips
Gilan Gork International

“Daniela is an absolute game-changer for any business. Her insights and skills are second to none, not only online but offline as well! I could not have produced the results I have without her impeccable training and further consulting for our company. Anyone looking to expand their digital footprint, especially in the Linkedin and Social Media space MUST contact her today!”

Tope Samuel
Travel Radio
Deputy Head

“Daniela is an amazing professional on virtually all levels of Digital Marketing. Her knowledge on the subject and industry is wide and, confident at her ability to deliver at any given time. Her enthusiasm for the subject is matchless. You get inspired engaging with her on the issue and she is full of life and energy.

Megan Kennaird
Sybrin Systems
Marketing Manager

I attended a training workshop facilitated by Daniela which was a worthwhile investment. I received absolute value and fantastic after-service which helped me gear the online marketing for Sybrin Systems into the proper direction with a solid understanding. If you want an expert I highly recommend Daniela.

Jacqui Rees
Marketing Manager

She is firm believer in throwing herself into the challenges of life with her whole being, whether these challenges come in the form of a project or opportunity of any kind. She gives of her best regardless of the expectations of others. With a strong creative bent; she possess a passion for life and always has fresh, vibrant ideas.

Colin Cappellar
CAP Personnel
Business Development Manager

“Outstanding service and work received from Daniela Bascelli. I would recommend her for any of your projects. She worked well with my team and took a lot of time to truly understand my business and its needs.”

Dominic Tortorello
M.Zero (California)
Director and Owner

“Daniela and her team are amazing, they are great to work with and go the extra mile to do things right. It is a pleasure working with them. Everyone that sees what she has done for us loves it.”

Melissa Botha
Raising Aidan Foundation

“Daniela is professional, fun to work with, and REALLY interprets your specs to a T, with GREAT input to boot. She clearly has a LOT of experience in her industry, and I can highly recommend her and her team.”

Pieter Willem du Plessis
Award Winning Graphic Designer

“I started working with Daniela a few months ago. She is an amazing, ‘top-of-the-game’ Digital Strategist and Developer. I would highly recommend Daniela for Social Media and Digital Strategy to any company or business partner. She has incredible insight, direction and passion.”

Alf Pain
Keystone Project Recruitment
Managing Director

Daniela won the hearts of each of us with her personality, happiness, and ease of engagement. Daniela shows up as a true professional and has a wonderful way of being which brings out the best in each of us.

Daniela took us from a modern era scenario of a technology mindset to a postmodern era (Covid 19) in terms of social media platforms for successfully engaging in a competitive market.

The KPR team found Daniela inspiring, informative, spiced with humour, creativity and unselfishly willing to share her knowledge and experiences.

Jacqui Young
Brent Personnel

Great and interactive session, very informative and great energy.

Storm Robertson
Network Recruitment
Recruitment Trainer

Added value from both a professional and personal perspective. Definitely added value to me.

Kerry Mendonca
Brent Personnel

Very informative, acquired exactly what I expected to. Thoroughly enjoyed the delivery of the content by Daniela.

Emma Walland
Exclusive People

Interactive, exciting, cutting edge!

Angelique Russell
Indiza Staffing Solutions

Daniela is absolutely amazing! Thank you D!

John Marshall
KPR Human Resources Partner
General Manager

I met Daniela on a Placement Partner webinar and was blown away by her enthusiasm and energy. When we decided to realign our business into the digital space, we immediately engaged with her, her knowledge and passion was evident from the beginning and she immediately generated an energy and excitement within our team. She is full of exciting new ideas and we are already experiencing the benefits of having Daniela part of our team. She has come up with innovative ways of positioning our business to gain maximum exposure and to generate new business opportunities. Thank you Daniela you’ve been an amazing asset to our business.

Lavine Haripersad
Paybuddy Payroll Solutions
Managing Director

I was amazed with Daniela’s knowledge on all Social Media platforms. With Daniela’s training I have learnt to use the various social media platforms effectively to promote my business. She certainly gives you value for money and is willing to continue support needed after the training session. The training was interactive and easy to follow. Thank you Daniela

Paula Andrew
Core Capital Consulting
Talent Specialist

Daniela added so much value to the business in terms of the website development and the advice she gave on various aspects of social media marketing. A real professional always (even when the deadlines were tight and there was frayed tempers)! I also attended a training session that Daniela presented which added invaluable insight into my social media interactions. Daniela treats her clients and associates with the utmost respect and is always ready to go “the extra mile”. I would definitely recommend her and look forward to an opportunity to collaborate with her again!!

Kutlo Moagi
Botswana Investment and Trade Centre
Director; Corporate Communication

Awesome Digital asset build and strategy for BITC!!! Thank you Daniela

Justin Cohen
Bestselling Author & Global Speaker

Daniela really got to understand what I do. Each meeting was energised with her infectious enthusiasm. She really knows her stuff and was brimming with great ideas.

Marelize Erasmus
Professional Career Consultants

Daniela Bascelli’s knowledge and experience on Social media is quite impressive. I have learned a huge amount of new skills and ways of protection, marketing and upgrading myself, my skills and experience as well as my employer, Professional Career Consultants on social media (linkedin, twitter, facebook, etc). I definitely do recommend Daniela to any company that would like to extend their companies social profile and exposure.

Vovo Ngcwabe
Africa International Locations Services
Managing Director

Daniela Bascelli’s understanding of small and women owned business landscape is exceptional. She managed to develop my webpage from a concept and the results was phenomenal. I would recommend her without any hesitation to all my start-up networks. Professional, Customer Centric and flare for digital marketing platforms

Suraj Maharaj
Kapele Group (an AdvTech company)
Managing Director

Daniela was responsible for the planning and execution of my Social Media and Website strategy. She has been directly responsible for growing our Social Networking footprint and awareness of our Brand. She is strategic, deadline driven and is always offering valuable insight to improve my Brand’s positioning.

Raquel vd Hoven
HRS Group
Recruitment Consultant

Training course was useful and very interesting.

Exclusive People
Managing Director

Was more than information sharing, it was interactive. Provided the right messaging and “relevant information’.

Vuyo Nzo
Dawn HR Solutions
Recruitment Specialist

On fire, everything on point.

Kennedy Motang
Botswana Investment and Trade Centre
Director; ICT

Had the best of experience.. first introduced to the power of digital marketing 6 years ago by Daniela Bascelli who did some splendid work for the Botswana Investment and Trade Centre and Global Expo. You will never look back once you’ve tried them I guarantee you.

Lauren Venter
Professional Career Consultants
Recruitment Consultant

I had the privilege of being part of a fantastic, professional and fun social media group. Daniela definitely can highly be recommended. I am thankful for her and her impeccable team for the knowledge I have gained.

Debbie Botha
Core Consulting
Managing Director

I have just launched my new fresh look into the market today. Thank you for the level of expertise and professionalism that you have! My website looks amazing, my social media pages are fantastic and all I can say is Thank You so much! The creativity that flows from these incredible people is mind-blowing! Highly Recommended!

Douglas Kruger
Douglas Kruger Communications
Bestselling Author & Global Speaker

The mark of a true professional is not merely competence. It is passion. Daniela and her team have both in spades. Keep up the excellent work, folks!