what clients say


“Having been introduced via a mutual business friend, Daniela impressed from the get-go. Her skill sets in the digital space are incredible in terms of being unique, up to the minute and right on the money. I learned more from her in 6 hours than I had learned about LinkedIn in 6 years and was able to generate a significantly better positioning on the platform than ever before.  Daniela is an absolute guru.”

Michael Jackson (Change Agent and Global Professional Speaker.)

“Daniela is a distinguished expert in the field of Social Media. She will do anything for her clients and her work is of the highest quality. An individual with really great people skills, Daniela keeps her clients updated with the most relevant and timely content on social media. I continue to learn a great deal from her. I rely on her to keep me posted on what’s happening in the world of social media. I recommend Daniela without hesitation and look forward to more interactions with her.

Bruce Mubayiwa (Business Coach and Mentor)

“I know Daniela to be a diligent and dedicated professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience. A lady with courage and extreme professionalism. An exceptional leader and Manager that sets the trend.”

Gerhard Buitendag (Oracle apps, Millenium, Custom Development Smartstream)

“I would highly recommend Daniela as she will prove to be a valuable asset in any organisation.”

Charmaine Bedworth (Trade Marketing Manager)

“Daniela did a great job of transforming a start-up office where verylittle procedure had been in place. Daniela’s achievements insetting up these procedures showed character strength to get thejob done and a systems orientated approach to challenges raisedthrough day-to-day business.” 

Steve Scordillis (Vice President at BGH Capital)

“She is strategic, deadline driven and is always offering valuable insight to improve my Brand’s positioning.”

Raj Maharaj (Managing Director of Kapele Group) an AdVtech Company.